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Courses directed by Elisabeth Moser

The dance groups
are experienced as a pleasant contrast to everyday life. Here the possibility is given to find the calm in time and space, to re-discover one’s actual rhythm of breathing. Starting from the actual dispositions in the group, the participants are invited to perceive their needs and humours in order to express them in dance and to get in touch with themselves. In the long term participants may lose chronic tensions and muscular pains, so that physical (and mental) well-being will increase.

Pilates courses
The Pilates method is a physical fitness system using the mind to control the muscles. The training focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine. Special attention is given to the awareness of breath and to the alignment of the spine.
Pilates is the method of choice in case of malposition and chronic aches in the musculoskeletal system. This mixture of discipline and joy leads to physical alignment and high spirits.

Gymnastics and relaxation in motion
These courses are mainly attended by elder people who want to stay flexible and free of pain, but also by others who suffer from various problems such as pains in the back, neck, headaches, movement restrictions by injured or operated joints, difficulties with respiration, sleep and other dysfunctions. The exercises are adapted to the physical possibilities or limitations and to the individual needs of the participants. Thereby natural impulses like flexing and stretching or yawning are activated, which are vital functions of balancing tension and self-regulation.

Individual courses

can be used as a preparation for a later group course or for working on a personal problem or theme.
  • Personal dance courses (technical basics)
  • Personal Pilates courses (in order to learn precisely this special technique)
  • Dance therapy for persons with physical pains and mental suffering
  • Body therapies (e.g. in case of physical pains, malposition, problems with body tension and breathing, psycho-somatic affliction) take a similar effect to massages yet have a therapeutic intention: we always want to bring somatic pain into an emotional or psychological context, or to understand the actual life situation of the person.
    This way, the chance of long term results – i.e. permanent release of pain – is given (provided that there is no medical disease causing the problems)
  • Personal lessons in body and sensory perception
  • Supervision for professionals or students of dance, body work therapy, etc.
In body work therapy a great importance is given to tactile instruction and the (therapeutic) physical contact. We learn and understand more directly through body signs and signals; often verbal instruction reaches too much the mental understanding, which can be the longer way of improvement.

Here you find the current time table (pdf) (in German, for information please refer to Elisabeth Moser).

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